Pee Dee Kayak Anglers

Event Registration (Adult)

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 We aim to provide a low cost opportunity for anglers to participate in our events. All events are 100% payout.

  • Adult: $25
  • Child 16 and under: $15



Event Registration (Ages 16 & under)

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  We aim to provide a low cost opportunity for anglers to participate in our events. All events are 100% payout.

  • Adult: $25
  • Child 16 and under: $15


Big Fish Buy In

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Tournament Rules


Event Types

  1. In-person:  All 6 scheduled tournament events will be “in-person” meaning we will gather at a specific location before and after anglers fish the designated body of water.  Each participant will receive series points based on where he or she places in each event.  These points, combined with  points from our month long, species specific events help determine who will be crowned PDKAOY!  
  2. Online events:  We hold month long events online to help accommodate our club members whose work schedules or family schedules interfere with participation in regularly scheduled tournament events. 

Registration and Fees

We aim to provide a low cost opportunity for Anglers to participate in our events. All events are priced to encourage family participation.

  • Adult: $25
  • Child 16 and under: $15

Eligible Watercraft

All participants must use a kayak, canoe, or stand up paddle board. The watercraft may be paddled or pedal driven.  If you do not own a kayak, you can rent one from Naturally Outdoors in Florence South Carolina.  Any participant using an unapproved watercraft will be disqualified.  


Wading is allowed as long as you are with your watercraft and accessed the spot you are wading via your watercraft. 


Scoring is done by the “catch - measure - photo - release” method. Participants must use a smart phone with location services and a HAWG TROUGH or KETCH measuring device. NOTE:  These are the ONLY acceptable measuring devices.

 Anglers may begin fishing at the time specified on the event page. Photos taken before “safe light” will not be accepted.


Anglers may score up to 3 black bass for freshwater events. Anglers may score 3 redfish, seatrout, or flounder for saltwater events.  For saltwater, only 2 of the 3 submitted fish are allowed to be the same species.  For example, if you catch 2 redfish, the next fish submitted must be a trout or flounder.  Culling of smaller fish is allowed.   Fish are scored via length in inches and the angler with the most inches combined will win. 

The fish’s mouth must be closed and touch the bumper of the measuring device with the angler’s identification and in the photo. The fish must be facing left. Tail-pinching will result in a 1 inch penalty. If the fish's mouth is not completely closed, a penalty of 1 inch will be deducted from the fish's length. Any amount of "open" will result in a penalty. If the penalty results in a measurement of less than 8 inches, the fish will not be counted. 

Photographs must be taken from directly overhead and the photo must be clear to be accepted. 

Measurements will be rounded down to the nearest  1/4”.


Submitted fish measuring the same length must have a distinct difference to be counted.   Make sure your hand or identification does not cover anything unique about the fish.


Fish must be submitted by event deadline to count towards the angler’s total.

In the event of a tie, the first angler to make a submission wins.

If any angler is caught cheating he or she will be disqualified and banned from any future PDKA events. 

Angler's must NOT be assisted by another individual. 

Top 10 anglers in AOY points standing will be eligible to fish the championship.  Points for AOY are earned through a combination of online and in person events.  

Angler with the most points at the end of the season will be awarded AOY (Angler of the Year) 

Points System for Regular Season Events 

1st Place - 100

2nd Place - 95

3rd Place - 90

4th Place - 85

5th Place - 80

6th Place - 76

7th Place - 72

8th Place - 68

9th Place - 64

10th Place - 60

11th Place - 57

12th Place - 54

13th Place - 51

14th Place - 48

15th Place - 45

16th Place - 43

17th Place - 41

18th Place - 39

19th Place - 37

20th Place - 35

Each place beyond 20 will receive -2 points. 


If an angler fails to catch a fish or is not present for an "in-person" event, 0 points are awarded.  


*this system will be adjusted if needed to accommodate a greater number of participants 


Eligible Fish


Anglers can score up to 3 BLACK BASS SPECIES. Those eligible species are:  

Largemouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Redeye Bass

Spotted Bass

Shoal Bass

All fish submitted must be a minimum of 8”.


Anglers may score up to 3 of the following saltwater species:

Red Drum 

Sea Trout


All fish submitted must be a minimum of 8”.


Fishing Methods

All fish must be caught alive and on a conventional rod and reel using artificial lures.  Commercial scents and pork trailers may be used. Any fish intentionally “ripped” or foul hooked may not be scored. A fish swiping at your bait that becomes foul hooked is eligible for scoring. 

No more than two lines in the water at one time. Trolling is permitted.


All anglers must access water legally and safely. Local SCDNR laws apply to PFD use. The use of a PFD is strongly advised. Anyone under 18 must wear a PFD while participating in PDKA events. 

In the event of inclement weather, a decision will be announced on the PDKA Facebook page concerning cancellation or rescheduling an event.



We encourage competition and sportsmanship. Follow proper etiquette when on the water. Do not crowd other anglers.  Be courteous and mindful of your surroundings. 

Decisions made by our committee are final. We will practice due diligence when judging submissions and declaring winners.


Release of Liability 

PKDA is not responsible for accidents involving individuals participating in our events. Make sure your skill level is adequate to safely participate.   All participants participating in PDKA event assume all responsibility for his or her safety. 

Last, but not least, HAVE FUN!!!!